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The Prophet

From the preface by Carlo Bo: „What counts and strikes the reader in Gibran’s speech today is the rest of his invocation, it is all that he derived from his impressions and his sorrows. If it had not been so, he would have remained in the context of the most tired and forbidden literature: he would not have titles to be repeated for reading after so many years. Moreover, his words strike us right where we remain entrusted exclusively to our reasons and in the moment of the final accounts. Gibran lives because he has focused on the Spirit … “ The Prophet is a collection of poems by Khalil Gibran published in 1923 in New York by the publisher Knopf.

Of kahlel Gibran Gibran His masterpiece, and one of the best-selling books of all time.

The Independent

It is a collection of prose poems linked by a common narrative thread, in which different themes are inserted. It is structured to questions and answers: for each topic, a character asks the Prophet a question, which answers with metaphors and analogies with a poetic text. It is a text that has a lot of religion, although it does not fit exactly into any religion, since it speaks of themes such as spirit, mind and nature.



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