The mind is wonderful!

Naturalness and spontaneity do not belong to everyone. In fact, many give too much importance to the thoughts of others and assume forced behavior, which have the sole purpose of taking shelter from external criticism. But this way of life, carried out on a daily basis, ends up exhausting the person: in fact there is no moment of peace for those who always fear to say or do something that others don’t like, whoever they are. “The life of someone who wears a mask is not pleasant or relaxing

There are several situations that disarm us by stripping our true selves, and, even if we admit that the act of self-control can be useful, it is neither pleasant nor relaxing the life of those who wear a mask perpetually. How serene, however, the spontaneous simplicity, not without grace, of a behavior without veils! It is true that such a way of life often attracts criticism, if not contempt, as inevitably happens when everything is there for all to see: in fact, there are those who easily despise what they have under their eyes. But virtue does not fear any loss of value in anyone’s eyes, and it is preferable to be despised for one’s spontaneity rather than tormented by a continuous, suffocating fiction. Even of spontaneity, however, make a balanced use: there is a difference between living authentically spontaneously and in a scruffy and vulgar way.

Spontaneity is the ability to be natural and sincere in thoughts and behavior. It has nothing to do with doing or saying original and ingenious things; it simply concerns who is transparent and shows himself as he is, both in behavior and in words. Being spontaneous is an indicator of emotional well-being.

A spontaneous person is free from appearances, from pretending to be someone he is not, and also has no problems when it comes to recognizing his mistakes and gaps. Being spontaneous means being natural, so those who are not need to disguise themselves to show an improved version of themselves.

Spontaneity is also a great virtue that facilitates human relationships. When there are no ulterior motives or hidden messages, everything is always simpler. Because those who are spontaneous allow themselves to flow in all circumstances, create a climate of security and help others to be sincere thanks to their naturalness.

We will not become spontaneous if we do not learn to listen to our trust and trust it.It is important to pay attention to that feeble voice that pushes us to do something or to someone at certain moments, for no reason. What better way to get to know each other and get in touch with your own naturalness?

Our intuition is a combination of perceptions, previously acquired information and experiences. The first thing that comes to mind, before judgments and evaluations arrive, together with fears or false beliefs.
Even if it is not easy to listen to your intuition due to poor training, you must not give up.You need to have a little more self-confidence, stop brooding a lot about what you want to do or say and, simply, let yourself be obviously, paying close attention to decisions and actions involving significant risks. Sometimes it is also necessary to reflect on what is happening.

When we are free to express ourselves, whatever the communication we are giving to the other, we get a pleasant and fundamental feeling from it: the feeling of being yourself and being able to be free in this personal expression.
The pleasantness of this expression comes from the possibility of letting out, without holding back, what we are and feel, in an expressive flow that communicates a sense of freedom.



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  1. Thanks for sharing this. Yes we are free to express ourselves when our mind is free, it can’t be defined in some words it is a feeling what a person feels from his/her inner soul. A happy feeling.


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