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Letter to a child never born:

The book is the tragic monologue of a woman who expects a child by looking at motherhood not as a duty but as a personal and responsible choice. A woman of whom neither the name nor the face nor the age nor the address is known: the only reference we are given to imagine it is that she lives in our time, alone, independent and works. The monologue begins at the moment when it feels itself to be pregnant and the anxious question arises: is it enough to want a child to force him to life? Will he be born to him? In an attempt to get an answer, the woman explains to the child what are the realities to suffer by entering a world where survival is violence, freedom is a dream, love is a word with an unclear meaning.

The book begins like this:

„Last night I knew you were there: a drop of life escaped from nothing. I stood with my eyes wide open in the dark and suddenly, in that darkness, a flash of certainty lit up: yes It was like being hit in the chest by a shot. My heart stopped „.

From this incipit the protagonist begins to reflect on the responsibility to become a mother, on the renouncements and on the joys that this event will bring her to to live. But also on the expectations and disappointments that await the unborn child once it comes into the world. The protagonist wonders if perhaps the child should not be himself, aware of what awaits him, to decide his own future and therefore also his own birth.


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