The medicine of nature

Madagascar healers who squeeze the leaf juice that will heal a child from his earache? Yes you can!

Taking resources from nature to cure diseases is an ancient practice. The Egyptians themselves had developed a technique to extract essential oils from plants and prepare ointments used especially in the embalming procedure.

Until the Middle Ages, herbs were the only source of healing. Today there are more than nine million Italians who resort to unconventional therapies such as acupuncture, phytotherapy (care with plants), homeopathy, osteopathy (treatment through physiotherapy techniques) and chiropractic (treatment through manual massage).

Take care of your thoughts because they will become words. Take care of your words because they will become actions. Take care of your actions because they will become habits and take care of your habits because they will become your destiny „, said Gandhi.

Body care with natural remedies is no longer considered „alternative“ medicine, but „complementary“ to traditional therapies. An expanding sector, for which more and more funds are destined and around which the interest of the scientific community is multiplied.

We learn to take care of ourselves, it is possible to cure or prevent small disorders that can occur when our immune defenses and our body are under stress and we can certainly stay healthy if we pay attention to the messages and symptoms that the body manifests.

The generations of the past have focused on physical survival: over the centuries we have learned to improve our hygienic conditions, to eat better, to fight diseases. But taking care of emotions seemed, until recently, a biological luxury, a frivolity, nothing connected to the real survival of an individual.

Today, instead, we are more than aware that listening to our psychological voice has a strong impact on our lives. So trying to make changes to our way of thinking, reflecting on the small daily gestures that mark our path is extremely important to reach that mental freedom that gives us strength and energy. Of course, to do so requires a lot of patience, maturity and fortitude.

Neutralize free radicals; Detoxification; Eat healthy; Sport, Socialization, Spirit.




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  1. Even most pharmaceuticals are derived from natural remedies, just distilled down to their active ingredients. Knowing this, it’s obvious that there are plants out there that can cure or treat sickness.


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