The learned scientist, once calculated that if all the bees had disappeared from the earth, four years later, all people disappeared. I do not know if this is an issue that has already been addressed (I was trying to search, but I have not found any similar topics) or that might be of interest, but … Weiterlesen Bees


“White bears„

White bears become cannibalia, due to global warmin It is not enough that they risk extinction by 2100 and it is not enough that chemical pollution causes them to be born hermaphrodites. Now polar bears are tearing each other to pieces because food is scarce, due to global warming that causes ice to retreat. In … Weiterlesen “White bears„

Apocalypse Glacier

Today, the melting of large glaciers is simply unstoppable. New research has predicted that the North Pole could see ice-free summers by 2050 If all the Earth's glaciers melted, the level of our oceans would increase by 65 meters ... According to the scientists, immediate action is needed to stop the effects of climate change … Weiterlesen Apocalypse Glacier