Man, physics and God.

The new force would be added to those foreseen by the standard model of quantum physics and to the gravitational force and would modify our understanding of the structure of the Universe. „If it were true, it would be revolutionary,“ says Jonathan Feng, one of the authors of the research published in Physical Review Letters (PRL) A fifth force would exist, in addition to the four fundamental forces already known that structure the Universe, which would be mediated by a new mediating particle, never encountered before, and renamed for this boson X.

It could also be used to learn about the origin of „dark matter“. If the hypothesis were demonstrated, „our understanding of the Universe would change radically, with consequences on the theories of unification of forces and dark matter,“ said Jonathan Feng, one of the authors of the study. „If it were true, it would be revolutionary.“

That progress has been enormous is true and everyone knows it, but this applied aspect represents only the surface. Therefore, already a distinction between basic science aimed at widening and deepening knowledge, the original aspiration of men, and technology, with the finalizations and applications in all its various forms. Basic science is the search for truth, always good, while technology is good or bad, sometimes perverse, depending on the purposes.

Since man is on earth, little by little, his experience has led him to a set of cognitions, ways of doing, thinking, being etc …, from which the one here is called base cultural. The extent of this revolution is so vast and traumatic, so radical in changes destined to operate in the deepest convictions of men, that the majority of scholars aware of this revolution, including a not small part of the same physicists and mathematicians, do not want to accept it.

They try to minimize it, to camouflage it, to prove that it is not true, but no matter how much effort they do they do not succeed; unfortunately those principles and those theorems are true, of mathematical logic, it is true and in sixty years of fury they have not succeeded in throwing it down. On the contrary, they try to prevent the knowledge of this revolution from being spread and received by the people, disguising it as a certain admirable technical, technological and IT but simple progress, without deeper insights.

In a recent article published in Scientific American, a new article by string theorist Erik Verlinde is commented upon which has aroused unique reactions in the physics community. From a mathematical point of view, the discussion does not go beyond a high school algebra. From a logical and physical point of view, however, things change. „The theoretical consulted physicists said they could not follow him; an answer that seems a gentle way to say that their colleague had freaked out. Some bloggers were more explicit and openly gave him the nut.

But who knows him knows that deserves the appellation: Verlinde is a brilliant theoretical physicist, and the amount of discussions provoked by his article suggests that most of his colleagues found something inspiring there.

Anyone who aspires to the unification of physics is faced with a fundamental problem. The theories that seek to unify quantum field theory and Einstein’s theory of general relativity rest on solid foundations and excellent experimental tests, but are incompatible with each other. To reconcile them will require the abandonment of some deeply rooted intuitions, the first of which is that the world exists in space-time.

Space and time are not fundamental but „emergent“ entities: the universe that we see existing in space and time could only be the surface level, on which we float like boats, while the leviathans move about in the depths. Interviewed on the subject Verlinde states: „Let’s start with an example: the motion of gas in a room. At microscopic distances, it is the consequence of the collisions between the single gas molecules.

But at macroscopic distances, it is much more practical to describe the thermodynamic state of the gas as a function of pressure and temperature. These two quantities do not exist at the microscopic level but only when we average the behavior of large-scale molecules. Gravity works the same way. A more precise analogy is osmosis. We separate a mixture of two types of gas molecules with a membrane that allows the passage of only one type of molecule.

If the concentration of this latter molecule is higher on one side of the membrane than the other, we can measure a net force. Diffusion is not influenced by the type of dissolved substance, but by its quantity, ie by its concentration. When a balance has been reached between the two concentrations, the solutions are called isotonic.

The infinite and the whole, therefore also God?


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  1. Then Galileo began scientific investigations and showed that the weight had so to speak two parents, one inside the body itself (its mass) and an external one that made it a vertical force towards the ground. Newton completed the concept and made it become universal gravitation: every body, by the mere fact of existing, has a mass and exerts a force of attraction on every other object, a dark but measurable reciprocal recall between each atom and the earth, the solar system, the most distant galaxies, the whole universe.😅

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