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Poetry from silence

He won the Nobel Prize in 2001. A Swedish poet and psychologist, his books have never been translated, except for a couple of volumes published by the publisher.

To read Poetry from silence, a collection of poems that seem to emerge directly from the dream, with modernist and symbolist elements, but also touches of baudelaireana memory.

For the Swedish Academy, it is the Swedish writer who has most influenced international literature.

Tomas Tranströmer
One night in May I disembarked in an icy clear of lunadove grass and flowers the green scent was gray.

Fundamental voice of the international literary world, witnessed by remarkable critical acknowledgments, its inspiring function emerges also from admissions of „creative“ debts towards it by many poets: in particular the young American generations, formed on its texts read and studied in university, for which Tranströmer has long since become a real cult poet.



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  1. I sometimes wonder whether poetry in particular should ever be translated from its original language….it must surely lose something during the translation…it’s purity maybe? There is a line in the movie „Paterson“ where a Japanese poet says that he never allows translation of his poems because „it would be like taking a shower in a raincoat“. I kind of liked that line.


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