Education empowers people

The natural world is much more than a source of beauty and charm. Nature-inspired innovation is today one of the most influential drivers of innovative technologies ... an ideal opportunity to teach in a simple way, which suggests that politicians who focus exclusively on the classroom lack an opportunity: even modest investments in informal science, … Weiterlesen Education empowers people


Book of the day

Letter to a child never born: The book is the tragic monologue of a woman who expects a child by looking at motherhood not as a duty but as a personal and responsible choice. A woman of whom neither the name nor the face nor the age nor the address is known: the only reference … Weiterlesen Book of the day

“White bears„

White bears become cannibalia, due to global warmin It is not enough that they risk extinction by 2100 and it is not enough that chemical pollution causes them to be born hermaphrodites. Now polar bears are tearing each other to pieces because food is scarce, due to global warming that causes ice to retreat. In … Weiterlesen “White bears„

To tell fairytales

What are we talking about? A life resource The Earth is also called the Blue Planet because, if we could look at it from the Moon, it would appear to be largely covered with water and therefore blue. If we had fun measuring the surface, we would notice that over two thirds are occupied by … Weiterlesen To tell fairytales

Vegetarian diet

Energy and the food system Part/time vegetarianism could be the key to a healthy planet, as a vegetarian diet reduces soil consumption by 35-50%, which is now increasingly "occupied" by intensive breeding for meat production. A US study also reduces the use of nitrogen fertilizers and greenhouse gas emissions. However, the relationship between energy use … Weiterlesen Vegetarian diet

Book of the Day

besides that Sigmund Freud was an Austrian neurologist, depth psychologist, cultural theorist and religion critic. He is the founder of psychoanalysis and is considered one of the most influential thinkers of the 20th century. my recommendation to you -linate-

inform to resist

The Swede skips school Obviously, it is much easier for many people to publicly scorn a 16-year-old girl at every opportunity than to seriously address the fight against global warming. This resulted in an evaluation of several thousand social media postings in recent months. Climate change, as an existential threat to humanity, is an issue … Weiterlesen inform to resist

Apocalypse Glacier

Today, the melting of large glaciers is simply unstoppable. New research has predicted that the North Pole could see ice-free summers by 2050 If all the Earth's glaciers melted, the level of our oceans would increase by 65 meters ... According to the scientists, immediate action is needed to stop the effects of climate change … Weiterlesen Apocalypse Glacier


The Amazon forest is the world's most important basin and is home to the largest rainforest in the world. The Amazon, which extends in the northern part of South America, occupies 60% of the surface of the forests on Earth. More than half of the Amazon region is Brazil, the country most commonly associated with … Weiterlesen Rainforest

Demos that cause something

A protest that touches all continents Rekordereignis in über zweitausend Städten auf der ganzen Welt , darunter die Städte der am stärksten verschmutzten Nationen der Welt wie Indien, China, Russland und die Länder der Lateinamerika. Die Jugendaktivistin Greta Thunberg inspiriert insgesamt 89 Länder und 1057 Ortschaften.Veranstaltungen sind außerhalb der Gemeinden und nationalen Parlamente in Ländern … Weiterlesen Demos that cause something