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The old man and the sea

One of the best known and most successful works of Ernest Hemingway is the novel called The Old Man and the Sea (original title The Old Man and The Sea), published in 1952 for the first time in the magazine Life. The author, thanks to the book, became famous and received the Pulitzer Prize in 1953, while the following year he received the Nobel Prize for Literature.

It is a very intense novel, in which the writer combines all the necessary elements that can intrigue the reader, including curse and magic, loneliness, fear of abandonment, love for life and for the art of fishing. A fairy tale not to be missed, for all lovers of reading and novels.

by Ernest Hemingway

„The old man and the sea“ is set on the island of Cuba and in the Atlantic Ocean, an area where the main character used to fish. The reader identifies with the vicissitudes of the main character, the old Santiago, who with great difficulty tries to complete his mission. Santiago is a character that arouses a lot of tenderness and, reading the novel, the temptation of the reader is to want to help him in reaching his intent. Fortunately, old Santiago is joined by a boy who helps him, Manolin.

Ernest Hemingway’s novel revolves around these two characters. The reader will be intrigued by their perfect harmony and symbiosis. Both need each other and also their care and dedication is total. Santiago is constantly identified with the sea through, for example, its blue eyes that reflect its tranquility and power. The old refers to the sea as a woman, the complementary part to his masculinity as an old fisherman.


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