Green finance is the secret weapon?

In the early 1900s, the English mathematician G. H. Hardy made a very important discovery: mathematics is beautiful. He writes that while he was going by taxi to find his young friend and co-worker Srinivasa Ramanujan, suffering from tuberculosis and dying, he noticed (as always) the car’s number. It was 1729.

An uninteresting number. I hoped it wasn’t a bad omen . In reality he was wrong, his friend pointed out: 1729 „is the smallest number that can be expressed as the sum of two cubes in two different ways“.
What struck the professor was that, even as death approached, Ramanujan still managed to capture the brightness of mathematics, to see his beauty, to elevate it above the dullness of a moment of sadness.

Good news: The UN has decided to deal with Green Economy
sustainable finance comes out of the drawer. To promote the green economy.

And now the bad: the Commission thinks „only“ about the environment.

It must be made clear that there must never be antagonists like this time. The challenge is unique and concerns the whole planet and its inhabitants: from high finance, often considered ruthless by the majority of public opinion (and who now has the opportunity to prove otherwise), up to the smallest environmental association, we must all marry together to make sure that we completely change the conception we have of the world, of investments, of consumption and of the economy as a whole.
A fundamental contribution to reducing the greenhouse effect that causes Earth fever will come from a revolution in energy production and transfer. In this sense the magic word is hydrogen: a vector to store the energy produced from renewable sources so that it is freed cleanly for all the necessary uses, from cars to heating. A few weeks ago it was the International Energy Agency to reiterate it with a report entitled explicitly, The future of hydrogen: seizing the opportunities already today, presented at the last G20 in Japan. According to the executive director of Iea Fatih Birol, „The world should not miss the unique opportunity to make hydrogen an important part of our energy future“. But are we ready from the technological point of view? And what would the benefits be?

Some of the main global countries have set themselves the goal of eliminating net CO2 emissions. Before resigning, British Prime Minister Theresa May pledged to zero the country’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, stating that it is „a moral duty to leave the world in better condition than we found it“. Cities currently consume 78% of the world’s energy and produce more than 60% of carbon dioxide. Also for this reason, the fight against climate change will have to start in the cities.
Whoever does politics has the duty to provide society with a long-term vision that looks far ahead and involves all those who have the strength to affect such epochal challenges, to think together about tomorrow first and foremost because this „tomorrow“ exists.



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  1. Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an extremely long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Regardless, just wanted to say excellent blog!


  2. This is so well written and so wonderful. Thank you so much for this! I’m bookmarking this article:-)


  3. An interesting post. Yes hydrogen could be a step in the right direction. But its also important that it is not the only step. Simply swapping fossil fuel with hydrogen but doing nothing about limiting consumerism, cutting back on waste that we send to land fill or dump in the ocean is not the answer. We all need to accept responsibility for our actions in ever day life.


  4. For us, a great challenge that will allow us to demonstrate the use of hydrogen as an energy vector in a real application. It will be an opportunity to put into practice what we have been studying at a theoretical level for many years.


  5. Hydrogen has been shelved unnecessarily since Hindenburg accident was erroneously blamed on Hydrogen, instead of the protective skin around the blimp. As such we are 100 years behind where we could be. Go Hydrogen!


  6. Merci pour ce „Travail“ de sensibilisation, d’information et de communication pour la belle mise en valeur du Trésor et des Trésors de la Nature. Y vivre est un tel cadeau, une Telle Joie! C’est sur cette Terre que j’ai réalisé mon Être et par cette humanité et ce qu’elle m’offre et me transmet chaque jour et depuis la plus intime de mes Cellules., Ces Cellules qui contiennent en Elle la Mémoire de la Vie et de notre environnement. Joli blog et Belles illustrations, je reviendrai.
    Thank you for this „Work“ of awareness, information and communication for the beautiful development of the Treasure and Treasures of Nature. To live there is such a gift, such a joy! It is on this Earth that I realized my Being and by this humanity and what it offers me and transmits to me every day and since the most intimate of my Cells., Those Cells which contain in Her the Memory of the Life and our environment. Nice blog and beautiful illustrations, I’ll come back.


  7. The city began to subsidize the replacement of heating systems already in 2012. Between 2012 and the end of 2018, 22,500 coal stoves and obsolete boilers were replaced. In December, the city purchased 1,530 air purifiers for public kindergartens, nursery schools and schools. During this period, a total of 13,500 sets of anti-smog half masks were distributed in clubs for seniors and parents and in polyclinics. In December 2018, the municipal council, with the support of the residents, decided to introduce a „clean transport“ area in the tourist district of Kazimierz, which can only be used by zero-emission vehicles.


  8. If we want to leave the land friendly for our children and grandchildren to live in, we need to reduce gas emissions to the atmosphere. Coal stoves are responsible for air quality, which are virtually eliminated in Krakow, but in the villages people burn coal.
    best regards

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