We clean the world of incivility

Every year at the end of September, volunteers from all over the world meet in over 120 countries to take to the streets and give a concrete signal of a desire to do and a territorial identity. We clean the world consists of many small gestures for the protection and enhancement of common goods, through active citizenship actions, to promote the livability and the beauty of the places but also to offer an opportunity for integration and the removal of cultural barriers and social.

Among all these rejections, among all this incivility that makes us very angry, what emerges is an absolutely positive feeling: the sense of responsibility of young people, the elderly, Americans and non-Americans, local administrations, businesses, schools, which together roll up the sleeves in the name of environmental health, and more.

This moment is also useful to talk about the degradation of our suburbs, of illegal building, of metropolitan cities, of sharing, of new civic protagonism, of social unease, of food waste and to say no to any kind of barrier, a strong signal of active citizenship that arises from the synergy of several associations, which together restore dignity to the areas affected by bad habits, even the most deeply rooted uproot by promoting awareness campaigns on the correct management of waste and in parallel it is necessary to encourage eco-sustainable management models, to enhance the materials first second, in a circular economy someone’s waste simply becomes resources for others, and is destined to be re-evaluated.

A small gesture of great educational value that contributes to developing the civic sense of the participants,
the campaign originated from the collaboration between Clean Up Australia and the UNEP (United Nations Environmental Program), linked by the common goal of extending on a global scale what was proposed by the Clean Up Sydney Harbor Day initiative, carried out in Australia in 1989.

Clean Up Sydney Harbor Day and subsequently Clean Up Australia were designed by Australian sailor builder Ian Kiernan. In 1987 Ian Kiernan, sailing through the oceans with his sailboat, was impressed and disgusted by the enormous amount of waste he encountered wherever he went, even in the most pristine areas like the Sargasso Sea in the Caribbean.
In 1993, Clean Up Australia involved other countries in its campaign for environmental protection, giving rise to the first edition of Clean Up the World.

We clean the world together of waste, indifference and physical, cultural and mental barriers, for a truly sustainable life, open to dialogue and active participation.


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