“White bears„

White bears become cannibalia, due to global warmin

It is not enough that they risk extinction by 2100 and it is not enough that chemical pollution causes them to be born hermaphrodites. Now polar bears are tearing each other to pieces because food is scarce, due to global warming that causes ice to retreat. In the population living in Alaska, in the southern area near the Beaufort Sea, Canadian and American scientists have observed cases of cannibalism. It is a very dangerous signal for a species considered at risk of extinction, since biologists indicate that the North Pole on the ice of Russia, Alaska, Canada, Greenland and the Norwegian islands Svalbard, remain now only between 22 thousand and 27 thousand white bears.

According to the researchers the cases of cannibalism, in the largest terrestrial predator that feeds mainly on seals, is due to the climate change taking place at the North Pole, which decreases the ice and with them also the number of prey for the bears. The technique of hunting white bears requires specifically that there is a good layer of ice, on which the animals tend to lurk at seals and sometimes at walruses. Recently a report signed by eight countries raised the alarm on the speed with which the Arctic climate is becoming milder, now the American and Canadian study (in Canada the majority of white bears live) shows that the effects of this change are already evident. And disastrous.

The study points out that killings among polar bears occur mainly to regulate the population of an area, to establish dominance or when males fight for a female. „In the 24 years in which l observed the behavior of the bears said Steven Amstrup, of the Geological Survey Alaska Science Center we had never seen such a thing, never seen a bear hunting for another bear and killing him after it eats“. According to Kassie Siegal, research coordinator, bear cannibalism is a direct consequence of global warming and underlines, once again, the urgency of remedying it. According to the researchers, the continuing decline in ice, on which bears live, prevents them from accessing natural food (beyond seals, sometimes whale carcasses and if small animals do) and to survive, stronger males are looking for the only food available on the ice

other bears.

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