To tell fairytales

What are we talking about? A life resource

The Earth is also called the Blue Planet because, if we could look at it from the Moon, it would appear to be largely covered with water and therefore blue.

If we had fun measuring the surface, we would notice that over two thirds are occupied by oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, ice … so by water!  All the water we see is part of an endless continuous cycle: in the form of steam it rises from the sea, in the form of rain it falls on the earth and the rivers bring it back to the sea.

Water: we drink it, use it to wash ourselves and to wash dishes, clothes, our homes, our cars.  The human body is mainly composed of water and agricultural products do not grow in its absence, in short it is vital for the survival of all living organisms.  We can live without food for a month, but without water we can withstand a maximum of 5-7 days.  Water is the source of life on earth.

97% of our planet’s water is represented by the oceans, therefore unusable by humans;  the amount of water available for food and other purposes, such as agriculture and industry, is less than 1% of the water mass on earth.  The sources of supply are the rivers, the water basins and the underground springs.  Across the world there is an increase in water consumption and the availability of this fundamental element is decreasing significantly.

Water has always been a symbol of purification, renewal, fertility and care, in all cultures.  In the water the history of man has been reflected, his words, his works of art, civilization have sprung up on the water, the flow of water is like the flow of our life.

Making children known and taught to respect this resource is giving water and ourselves a hope of life.

The sea is without roads, the sea is without explanation.

Alessandro Baricco



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