Vegetarian diet

Energy and the food system

Part/time vegetarianism could be the key to a healthy planet, as a vegetarian diet reduces soil consumption by 35-50%, which is now increasingly „occupied“ by intensive breeding for meat production. A US study also reduces the use of nitrogen fertilizers and greenhouse gas emissions.
However, the relationship between energy use and yield is not linear. Low energy inputs can lead to lower yields and perverse energy requirements per tonne of crop. On the other hand, rising energy inputs can lead to ever lower earnings gains. Although fossil fuels remain the dominant source of energy for agriculture, the fuel mix used differs


This is the result of a study by Bard College (New York) published in Scientific Reports which also suggests how this choice could reduce the use of nitrogen fertilizers and greenhouse gas emissions, although on the other hand it would increase the use of water for food purposes. Meanwhile, scientists are looking for solutions to mitigate the effects of global warming that will certainly oblige us to review our eating habits.

This from Bard College is not the first evaluation to support a vegetarian diet to save the planet. Oxford researchers have calculated that drastically reducing the consumption of meat and dairy products would lead to a 75% reduction in the use of agricultural land.

The big day has come

source: a green day


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  1. I’m a vegetarian, so is my daughter and granddaughter. We love animals, that’s why we don’t wear them, eat them, go where they are used as entertainment, or buy products that aren’t cruelty free. We we activists for many years, stopping the wearing of fur and animal experimentation. It’s holocaust every single day.


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