Apocalypse Glacier

Today, the melting of large glaciers is simply unstoppable. New research has predicted that the North Pole could see ice-free summers by 2050

If all the Earth’s glaciers melted, the level of our oceans would increase by 65 meters …

According to the scientists, immediate action is needed to stop the effects of climate change on Earth as soon as possible, not least because

the temperature is increasing continuously and has accelerated in recent years as we have never measured; in 2016 we recorded a + 0.9 ° on average compared to the period 1950-1980. This changes the delicate balance of the atmosphere-ocean-earth system causing a change in the climate.

In the short term, rising sea levels will mainly be caused by the expansion of water mass due to rising temperatures. Starting in 2050 the contribution of melting ice will become relatively stronger, „explains Michalis Vousdoukas, oceanographer of the Risk Management unit at the Commission’s Research Center.“ The cause-effect relationship between the melting of the ice and the financial consequences is a reality, but it is not linear: a slight increase in the level of the water may not have a significant impact, but their progressive accumulation will have consequences combined with the high tide and the most frequent adverse weather conditions (hurricanes and waves).

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